Tom Cruise Ready To Vacate L.A. And Move To Florida

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is ready to vacate L.A. and move to Florida. The movie star just sold his Beverly Hills mansion for $40 million and is prepared to move on.

A source tells People that Tom has “long-planned to leave L.A.” because he “doesn’t need to be there for work” anymore since he’s off filming movies around the world. The insider said the town simply isn’t “the center of his life anymore.”

Cruise bought the property in 2007 for $30.5 million for he and Katie Holmes.

So, where does Tom Cruise want to settle next? According to the report, he’s eyeing Clearwater — where Scientology’s headquarters are located.

It’s unknown what kind of place Cruise will wind up with because it’ll be hard to replace the 10,000-square-foot estate that consisted of seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a children’s playground, tennis courts, large swimming pool, and two large guests houses. The buyer is multi-billionaire Leon Black, a New York financier, according to TMZ.

Last September, Cruise sold another piece of real estate to actress, Eva Longoria, for $11.4 million. It’s located in the Hollywood Hills. 

Cruise has unloaded a lot of property beyond that, including a 2,200-square-foot apartment in New York City’s East Village for $3 million back in 2013, and he has a 298-acre ranch near Telluride, Colorado on the market for $59 million.

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