Rumor: CM Punk May Never Compete In UFC, WWE Return A Possibility?

CM Punk

Former WWE superstar CM Punk has been training for his UFC debut for a couple of years now. His first fight is expected to come in June or July. However, Dana White has also hinted that January is a possibility as well since Punk has recently had surgery. 

Punk announced in December of 2014 that he’ll be giving MMA a try even though he has no experience in real fighting. 

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Punk has been struggling in his live sparring to prepare for his first UFC event. He’s good but not great. 

In February, Mickey Gall made his own Ultimate Fighting Championship debut at UFC Fight Night 82. After he submitted his opponent, he said, “I want to be fed! Feed me CM Punk, please!”

The rumor is that Gall will “run through” Punk when they get in the octagon together. 

Meltzer also reports that Punk doesn’t win his first UFC fight, he might call it. The wrestling insider says a loss might cause Punk to “sit back and rethink his decision to be an MMA fighter.” 

Vince McMahon fired Punk on his wedding day. However, the WWE big boss went McMahon on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast and apologized to Punk for firing him on the day he married former WWE Diva A.J. Lee. Vince called it a mix-up with lawyers and talent relations.

Two years ago, Punk didn’t accept the apology and said it was too early to consider going back to the WWE. 

“It’s way too f—ing early, I have no interest in f—ing going back,” Punk said. “The difference in my appearance, my mental stability, everything across the board, now from 9 or 10 months ago, is so drastically different.”

Punk vented his frustrations but he still didn’t rule out a return to the WWE. It seems the company is willing to welcome him back if he elects to return. 


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