Leah Messer Criticized Over Parenting Of Adalynn: Jeremy Upset?

Leah Messer

Leah Messer has been fighting the court system to get custody of her twin girls back. On Teen Mom, Corey Simms filed the papers to get his daughters in his care, because he questioned how well of a mother Leah really was. Of course, Leah has three children, as she also has a daughter with Jeremy Calvert. And little Adalynn seems to be getting her fingers into the sugar cabinet without her mother knowing. On this week’s episode of Teen Mom, Leah’s daughter was caught eating icing – with Messer’s approval. According to a new report, Leah Messer is now facing some backlash.

“Is it bad that I’m going to let Addie eat icing?” Leah asks her mom after her 3-year-old asks for the treat. “Just have her sit at the table,” Dawn responds. It sounds like they weren’t too concerned about having Leah’s daughter eat straight sugar with a spoon.

Fans were furious with this scene, as they wanted her to give her daughter something that was a bit healthier. “Make her a PBJ,” one concerned Twitter user wrote. “Leah, you trying to give your baby diabetes?”

But Leah says she had no idea that her daughter was eating icing, saying “she was sneaking it while I was filming and MTV caught her.”

Leah Messer has faced some serious backlash this season, even though the season is only a few episodes in. She sent her children to school without breakfast, she’s been texting and driving and she even forgot Adalynn in the car. Plus, she’s been accused of animal cruelty after leaving her pet cat in the backseat of her car. It sounds like people will attack whatever they don’t agree with.

Do you think the criticism of Leah Messer is fair? Or do you think she’s going through a rough time?

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