Kim Kardashian Jets Back To LA For 24 Hours To Go To Disneyland Before Heading Back To Europe

Posted on Thu May 19th, 2016 1:58pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Kim Kardashian is making our head spin!

The reality star touched down at LAX on Wednesday afternoon, coming in from a quick trip to the Cannes Film Festival after she stopped in New York City to pick up her Webby Award. Now, early Thursday morning, we spot the supermom at Disneyland with daughter Nori! When does this woman sleep?!

Weirder yet, we’re told Kim’s jetting outta town again tonight, headed back to Europe! That is absolutely insane! Is she going for a frequent-flier mileage record or what?! And where does baby Saint figure into all of this? Does he even know who his mom is? He probably calls the baby nurse ‘mama’ at this point!

Kim sported her new Yeezy 750 Adidas high tops, black leggings and tank, covered with a blue flannel, which Nori sported Mickey Mouse ears, of course! Kourtney went along with Penelope and some other friends were along for the ride. Fans gawked as the Kardashian Klan basically took over the rides, the concessions and everything else, as they paraded through the park. Kim kept snapping selfies, much to North’s chagrin. On the Dumbo ride, the carousel — it’ll all be documented by Kim! No surprise she didn’t have her phone out when she downed a two-foot-long churro! You go, girl! But watch out for those calories — you just go all the baby weight off!


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