Canada Didn’t Want To Let LeBron James & Cavs Into The Country

LeBron James

Canadian customs did what the Toronto Raptors could not: shut down LeBron James. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers are up 2 – 0 in the NBA playoff series against the Raptors. They won both games at home. So, it was time to head to the six for the next two games. However, the Cavs encountered a big problem while attempting to enter the Drake-owned territory: customs. 

The Cavs shared via social media that the team is being held up at customs.

It seems that not even Canadian Tristan Thompson was allowed off the plane. 

JR Smith was not happy. 

JR Smith

The Cavs even had to pay a visit to the worst possible place one can find themselves at in an airport. 

Richard Jefferson

In the words of Drake: “get your paperwork in order.” 

It’s very unlikely that holding up the Cavs is a strategy to help the Raptors win. Many airports are increasing security measures since the EgyptAir flight disappeared. Additionally, if somebody on board the flight had so much as a DUI or another small legal issue, it could be the cause of the delay. 

LeBron says it wasn’t a passport issue.

Regardless of the reason, many Canadians found the incident very funny. 


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