Robin Roberts Discusses Body Changes Experienced Through 2 Illnesses

robin roberts

Robin Roberts talked about body changes that she endured after her two illnesses took a toll on her system.

The “Good Morning America” anchor has battled breast cancer and myelodysplatic syndrome (MDS). Her body has been through a lot, and for a woman who once identified with athleticism, it’s been difficult.

Roberts spoke with People about her body changes.

“There are many times when my body failed me,” Robin says. “When I went through my last ailment, I was down to like 115 lbs., didn’t have any muscles whatsoever. I lost my butt, which was really very hard for me as a black woman, not to have my booty. I had to wear booty pops for awhile there.”

Robin Roberts has always “taken a great deal of pride in being as healthy” as she could, so losing all that muscle tone made her reevaluate how to get back what she could of it.

Robin has a compromised immune system and must now work with that. It’s not easy, however.

“I do Pilates once a week, I work with a trainer,” Roberts says. “I have things like almond butter in my pantry now, blech. I love pasta, but now I’m eating chickpea pasta because I had to cut back on wheat.”

The “GMA” anchor says she’s had to look at her body in a different way in order to love and accept herself more.

“I know for myself, I look at my body differently,” Robin shares. “When you have been on the brink a couple of times, I make sure that my diet is better. I make sure that I exercise. Those things that I took for granted, I don’t take for granted anymore.”

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