Gerrard & Lampard in MLS top five earners

Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard

Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard both moved to the MLS last year

Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard are among the top five earners in Major League Soccer, with ex-Real Madrid star Kaka the league’s highest-paid player.

Former Liverpool and England captain Gerrard, 35, is paid a total $6,132,500 (£4,199,393) by LA Galaxy.

Fellow midfielder Lampard, 37 – who joined New York City last year – earns $6,000,000 (£4,108,660).

Former world player of the year Kaka, 34, earns a league record $7,167,500 (£4,908,204) at Orlando City.

The lowest-paid player in the league, according to the figures released by MLS Players Union, is Montreal’s Belizean forward Michael Salazar.

The 23-year-old earns $51,492 (£35,260) a year – less than three days wages for Kaka.

MLS top five earners

1. Kaka (Orlanda City) Salary: $7,167,500 (£4,908,204)

2. Steven Giovinco (Toronto) Salary: $7,115,556 (£4,872,633)

3. Michael Bradley (Toronto) Salary: $6,500,000 (£4,451,109)

4. Steven Gerrard (LA Galaxy) Salary: $6,132,500 (£4,199,450)

5. Frank Lampard (New York City) Salary: $6,000,000 (£4,108,66)

MLS Players Union full list

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