Clinton says race against Sanders over

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Mrs Clinton had strong words for her Republican rival Mr Trump

US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has said her primary race against Bernie Sanders is effectively over.

“I will be the nominee for my party,” she told CNN in an interview. “That is already done, in effect. There is no way that I won’t be.”

Mr Sanders has come under pressure to bow out since Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee.

But the Vermont Senator has vowed to fight until the party convention.

Mrs Clinton holds a commanding lead in the delegate count.

She also said Mr Trump, her likely general election opponent, is not qualified to be president.

Her reasons included Mr Trump’s plan to bar Muslims from travelling to the US, his call to step back from Nato and his negative comments about the UK government, which she called America’s “closest ally”.

Mrs Clinton called Mr Trump “dangerous” and said he could not be trusted in sensitive national security situations like the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden.

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