Report: Jennifer Garner Pregnant; Trying To Save Marriage To Ben Affleck With Baby

Posted on Wed May 18th, 2016 2:20pm PDT       By X17 Staff

When in doubt, trap ’em!

Jennifer Garner is reportedly expecting her fourth child with Ben Affleck, Radar reports. “Friends are expecting an announcement very soon that Jen is pregnant,” the source revealed. Apparently, this is part of the actress’ master plan to save their marriage! The couple announced their split last June, but have yet to file divorce papers and have been the subject of reconciliation rumors in recent months.

“Jen has played Ben like a fiddle! She was determined to make him ‘walk the plank’ over his wild ways. She believed he would come to his senses and they could save their marriage. She’s always wanted another child with him. Even since they split, she’s gushed publicly about how he is the love of her life. First, she let him move back onto their property, living in a guest house. They’ve continued taking family vacations, spending all the important days in their children’s lives together, even sleeping together,” the source explains.

The actor’s drinking and gambling habits were cited as the main sources of tension, but his alleged affair with the family nanny didn’t help things! Despite it all, the mother-of-three never wanted to break up her family.

“In many ways, Ben’s been a lousy husband — but Jen still loves him and missed their steamy sex life! When she gave birth to Samuel in 2012, she hoped things would change, since all Ben talked about was how much he wanted a son. But he fell back into his same old bad habits. I think they both hoped the split would be the big, final wake-up call that would turn Ben into the husband they’re convinced he can be! Jen loves being a mother, and she wants a real family, not two parents living apart and sharing custody,” the source added.

If we were married to Ben we would pull this exact same move! Bravo Jen!


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