Madeleine Stowe Robbed At Gunpoint While Nude Inside Her Home

madeleine stowe

Madeleine Stowe is breaking her silence nearly eight months after she survived a horrifying robbery insider her house while nude!

TMZ reports that a home invader put a gun to the former “Revenge” star’s neck in the middle of the night demanding “valuables.” 

According to the police report, Stowe and her husband, Brian Benben, were asleep at their Beverly Hills home last September when the actress was awaken by someone walking around her master bathroom. Madeleine says she was nude at the time.

When Madeleine went to see what was going on, she was confronted by a Latino man, who pointed a handgun to her neck. 

Madeleine Stowe told police that the man spoke in broken English and demanded, “I want all the valuable, I want something.” 

The actress handed the intruder $75,000 worth of antique jewelry before he made a quick getaway.

A few months later, police were able to arrest Walter Canizalez after he allegedly attempted another invasion.

Authorities believe that Canizalez is responsible for three other armed home robberies, and he’s been charged with more than 15 counts … including robbery and sexual battery.  

Canizalez was wearing a Spiderman mask when police caught him. He’d also worn the masks during some other robberies, according to police.  

Fortunately, Madeleine Stowe wasn’t harmed during the robbery!



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