Drake Spends A Second Week Atop The Billboard 200

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In a development that’s surprising to no one, after a robust first week, Drake sees his fourth studio album Views remain firmly planted atop the Billboard 200. According to Billboard, Views moved another 219,000 units, with 80% of that total comprised of pure sales. Despite a huge drop in impact between week one and week two, Drake still himself to be the artist to beat this week (more on that later).

Beyoncé’s Lemonade spends a second week behind Drake’s Views in the runner-up slot after debuting at no. 1. While Lemonade’s “sweet” and glorious days atop the Billboard 200 may be done thanks to the “6God,” Lemonade continues to both impact and sell soundly. Beyoncé only trailed Drake by 17,000 units and roughly 22,000 copies in pure sales. In other words, Queen Bey is still queen.

While Beyoncé still seems to be pushing Drake, Radiohead’s surprise new album, A Moon Shaped Pool, actually gave Drake a stronger push in pure sales, nearly besting Views. Nearly doesn’t count, so Radiohead settles for runner-up on the Top Album Sales Chart and no. 3 on the Billboard 200. The magnificent album moved 181,000 units, with nearly 97% of that total comprised of pure sales.

While Drake, Beyoncé, and Radiohead are the big stories on the Billboard 200, there are actually more new albums that debuted in the top 10 this week, as well as some that missed the top 10. Keith Urban’s Ripcord performed well, landing at no. 4 moving 106,000 units (roughly 88% pure sales). Another country artist, Cole Swindell, saw his sophomore album, You Should Be Here, land at no. 6, to the tune of 76,000 units (roughly 86% pure sales).

While Keith Urban and Cole Swindell made the Top 10 cut for new releases, other newbies weren’t so lucky. Mike Posner (At Night, Alone.) and Andy Black (The Shadow Side), both missed out on the glory of the top 10. Posner’s 2010 debut, 31 Minutes To Takeoff, debuted at no. 8. To quote Big Sean – and numerous other folks for that matter – you “Win Some, [you] Lose Some.”

Surprisingly, there’s even more on the Billboard 200. Prince continues to feature two albums in the top 10: The Very Best of Prince (no. 5) and Purple Rain (no. 8). Rihanna (Anti), Adele (25) and Chris Stapleton (Traveller) finish off a busy top 10.

Switching to the Billboard Hot 100, Justin Timberlake pushes last week’s no. 1 – Drake’s “One Dance” – to no. 2. Timberlake debuts at no. 1 with “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” With Timberlake moving to the top and knocking Drake down a peg, likewise, former no. 1 “Panda” by up and coming teen rapper Desiigner slips to no. 3.

After an exciting week this week, who’s got next on next week’s charts? Meghan Trainor’s Thank You is expected to have an impact, but early indications suggest that the sophomore effect may have reared its ugly head. Other new albums arrived alongside Thank You, but considering Meghan Trainor is the best bet, it’s difficult to see a path that the other newbies best Drake’s Views or Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

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