Surfer Scores Perfect 10 For Performing ‘Insane’ Backflip In Competition

Surfboard backflip

Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina performed the first ever competition backflip on a surfboard over the weekend. He scored a perfect 10 for his trick in round two of the Oi Rio Pro.

One person commented on YouTube “That’s extremely difficult to do… only flips I can manage are pearling on the wrong board for the conditions.”

Another added, “That’s so sick!” writer Matt Pruett described it: “It was just shy of a bona fide, vertical-axis backflip, but way beyond an inverted double-grab f/s three. Sh-t, we’ll go ahead and call it a ‘flip,’ since Medina regularly pulls these things. And also because it’s the best thing that’s happened in this event by an urban mile.”

Medina, 22, is reportedly only the second person to have executed the backflip.

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