Rougned Odor Absolutely Clocks Jose Bautista, Sparks Bench Clearer

Rougned Odor

The Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers didn’t exactly become acquaintances last October when the two teams met in the ALDS, thanks in large part to Jose Bautista’s bat flip on a home run in game five which propelled Toronto to the ALCS against Kansas City.

On Sunday, the two teams met in Arlington for game three of their series, and we were all reminded of the bad blood these two teams share. With one out in the eighth inning, Jose Bautista was hit by a pitch in his midsection by Rangers pitcher Matt Bush. After taking first base, Bautista slid hard into Rougned Odor at second base on a double-play attempt by the Rangers on a ground ball hit by Justin Smoak. Odor took exception to hard slide by Joey Bats, and it turned into fight night in Arlington real quick.

Odor, Bautista, and 2015 AL MVP Josh Donaldson were all ejected for their parts in the fight. 

Couple things:

1.) Can you tell whether or not Rougned Odor has ever been in a fight or not? Absolutely insane punch. 

2.) Say what you want about Jose Bautista, but Joey Bats took that right from Odor like a champ.

3.) Toronto’s Jesse Chavez was tossed from the game in the bottom half of the eighth for plunking Prince Fielder on the first pitch of the at-bat. Just when you thought it was over, it wasn’t. Chavez should be receiving, at least, a five-game ban. 

4.) Blue Jays manager John Gibbons was ejected from the game in the third inning Sunday for arguing balls and strikes but returned to the field during the brawl. He’ll likely be receiving some sort of suspension along with Odor, Bautista, Chavez and Donaldson but Gibbons’ suspension may be greater because of his presence on the field after his ejection along with his role in the fight. Washington’s Bryce Harper was recently suspended one game for returning to the diamond and yelling at a home plate umpire following an ejection last week, so it will be interesting to see what Gibbons gets now that a standard has been set by the MLB. 

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