Flying With Your Pet? Read This First


Pets are part of the family and sometimes need to travel on a plane. Make sure to research the trip before you decide to bring Spot on board.

Remember that not all airlines allow big animals on their planes. Discount airlines are less likely to accommodate pets.

Don’t just show up to the airport with your pet. You need to make a reservation and pay a fee, which usually starts at $75.

Some airlines ban certain breeds, particularly those that have short snouts. This is for their breathing safety.

In-cabin pets must fit under the seat and are not allowed to roam the cabin. They are required to stay in their carriers even if they need comforting. 

Pets are required to go through security just like their humans. A pet can be walked or carried through the line but cannot be put through the carry-on x-ray machine.

There are some risks for your pet when he or she flies. In 2015, 35 animals died, 25 were injured, and three were lost.

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