Excitement Builds For Universal’s New Ride, ‘Skull Island: Reign Of Kong’

Skull Island Reign Of Kong

Universal Orlando just released a new making-of video and images from its upcoming ride, “Skull Island: Reign Of King,” which is launching this summer.

Fans are thrilled with the one-minute, 20-second clip, which features Mike West of Universal Creative revealing some tidbits about the attraction.

YouTube users expressed their excitement with comments such as, “THE KING IS BACK!!!! I knew it that they would go old school again!” “OML [Oh My Lord],” “Holy sh-t,” and “FINALLY.”

One jokester added, “Please have banana breath, please have banana breath.”

Skull Island Reign Of Kong

The 3-D ride will feature a three-story-tall Kong with a shoulder width spanning 18 feet. His head is the size of a car.

West says guests will get “so close they’ll feel his breath sweep across their skin and his thunderous roar reverberate through every bone in their body.”

Universal describes the experience on its website: “As you journey deep into a mysterious island, your 1930s expedition is swarmed by enormous prehistoric predators. Your only hope is the most colossal ape ever to walk the earth. As the gargantuan beasts fight for dominance, you will just fight to survive. Skull Island: Reign of Kong – A multi-sensory, multi-dimensional new ride for your life.”

The theme park has yet to announce an opening date for the ride. It will occur after the media preview event, which is taking place June 22-24.

Skull Island Reign Of Kong

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