COPD Discovery Might Improve Treatment

Rape, drugs and porn: Modeling scams thrive amid lack of regulation

For years, a former Miami policeman spent “the majority of his waking hours stalking female models online.” Using a laundry list of aliases, he contacted hundreds of women and lured a number of them to fake modeling auditions in South Florida. Once they arrived, he secretly drugged them and took them to another location where a “heavyset, tattooed man” would rape them on camera. This footage was then sold online and to pornography stores. Some victims didn’t find out about the videos until they were alerted by friends or complete strangers. “Some of the victims do not remember anything until the following day, when they awoke, half-naked and semiconscious, either in their own cars or in their hotel rooms, sometimes covered in vomit or urine,” prosecutors wrote in a court document. These two men, Lavont Flanders, Jr. and Emerson Callum, were found guilty of sex trafficking and sentenced to life behind bars. (Their attorneys didn’t …

May 16, 2016 12:23 am

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