Tom Cruise Does NOT Think Daughter, Suri, Is ‘Possessed’ By ‘Evil Spirit’

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s reasons for not seeing his daughter, Suri, are always being speculated on in the press. Questionable reports constantly bombard headlines when it comes to this actor, who largely remains a mystery due to his devout Scientology beliefs.

A tabloid this week made insane claims that Cruise believes Suri is “possessed” by “evil spirits.” This report is being touted as completely false by Gossip Cop.

The report comes from — no surprise — the National Enquirer. According to tabloid, Cruise has been “brainwashed into believing an ‘evil spirit’ is controlling his innocent little girl.” It states that this the reason behind the “Mission: Impossible” actor not seeing Suri in “nearly a thousand days.”

What’s more, the tabloid claims that Tom Cruise wants to have an “exorcism” performed on Suri to “free” her of all the evil spirits.

“Tom hopes to reconnect with Suri after subjecting her to Scientology’s grueling exorcism-like process of ‘auditing,'” claims the report.

It goes on to say that Cruise hopes that his daughter will be “clear” of the “bad” spirit and “bring her back into Scientology as an act of revenge against her mother, his ex-wife Kate Holmes.”

Gossip Cop didn’t elaborate on the details, but let readers know there are reasons why Tom Cruise hasn’t seen Suri in so long, but that the 10-year-old being “possessed” by “evil spirits” is certainly not one of them!

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