Flight to Manchester evacuated in Norway

A Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS during takeoff / landing at Manchester International Airport.

Image caption

Police said two men on the Ryanair flight were arrested (file picture)

A flight from Norway to Manchester was evacuated before take-off after “suspicious” behaviour by two passengers, police near Oslo say.

The Ryanair flight was about to leave from Rygge airport near the Norwegian capital when it was evacuated, police in Ostfold county said on Twitter.

Ryanair said the evacuation was down to a “hoax security alert” and that passengers were now leaving Norway.

Police say two men were arrested, and no suspicious devices were found.

News reports quoting a police official say one of the arrested men was British and the other was from Sri Lanka.

The reports said the men were heard arguing loudly and the word “bomb” was overheard on the flight, which had been due to leave at 18:55 local time (15:55 GMT).

The evacuation in Norway comes hours after Old Trafford football stadium was cleared after a suspicious package was found.

A match between Manchester United and Bournemouth was abandoned. Greater Manchester Police described the device as “incredibly lifelike” but confirmed it had not been “viable”.

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