Sonja Morgan Claims Ramona Singer Is Popping Pills

Sonja Morgan

Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer have been friends for years. The two met long before they started filming The Real Housewives of New York and they have been bickering about their friendships for years. But on last night’s episode of the show when Sonja announced her brand new booze line, Ramona had a few things to say about it. And sadly, it caused Morgan to lash out on social media. According to a new tweet, Sonja Morgan is now fighting back, saying that Ramona is the one with the problem, as she fell asleep at the reunion last year. And she’s blaming drug use for her behavior.

“Omg Bridget Everett, Ramona Singer lies over n over. Like the bank had my house. She’s on pills,” Sonja revealed on Twitter, while watching Watch What Happens Live. As it turns out, Sonja isn’t happy with the way Ramona keeps talking about Morgan and her drinking. And rather than own her drinking issues, it sounds like Morgan would much rather point to her friend’s drug use – something that hasn’t been talked about on the show before.

“Ramona Singer lies as usual. What pills. She’s on pills. #Projection I like to party. Don’t have her tolerance,” Sonja Morgan revealed on social media. 

One can imagine that Ramona would deny ever taking pills to keep her going. Plus, Sonja Morgan has been caught in a lie before and over-exaggerating her stories just a bit. It is possible that she’s just trying to push the blame elsewhere. It’s no secret that Morgan can’t really handle her drinking, as she’s been spotted on the streets of New York with much younger men and under the influence.

What do you think of Sonja Morgan’s claims that Ramona is popping pills? Do you think it is a fair comment to make?

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