Prince William Turns Attention To Male Suicide, Brings Awareness To Heightened Problem

prince william

Prince William is concerned about the issue of male suicide. It was one of his first calls as an East Anglia air ambulance pilot.  

On Thursday morning, William joined a task force of emergency services brought together by the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), which is also one of the partners in Heads Together.

The compassionate prince is raising awareness of male suicide and the issues surrounding it. He recently met with a group of workers that consisted of a fireman, marine policeman, and lifeboat volunteer. They talked to the prince about issues men face when it comes to suicidal actions.

“He is concerned that men sometimes consider themselves too strong to ask for help,” a palace spokeswoman tells People magazine. “He wants to see what he can do to help encourage men to ask for help. “

When Prince William asked the group of emergency workers why men don’t address their feelings, and he was told that it’s because it’s a “macho world” and that a “lot of men struggle with that.”

Male suicide accounts for 76 percent of all suicides, CALM revealed. The coalition is an effort to develop a resource to educate all men on understanding how they can identify and support other men who are down, depressed, or suicidal.

Earlier this year, William, and his wife, Duchess Kate, spent a morning with male suicide campaigner, Johnny Benjamin.

Benjamin was talked down by a stranger from jumping off a bridge. He was relieved at the coalition, saying: “There is a real need for a resource to help men feel able to offer help, whether that’s a stranger on a bridge or your best mate.”

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