Member Of A Women’s Book Club Drafted By The Patriots

Malcolm Mitchell

New England Patriots draft pick Malcolm Mitchell is in a book club. Made of entirely of women over the age of 40 and himself. 

Mitchell attends monthly meetings with the ladies in Athens, Georgia to do whatever people do in book clubs. 

His friends in the club are obviously thrilled for the wide receiver from the University of Georgia. The Pats took him in the fourth round of the draft. Mitchell’s book club friends are even planning to travel to New England to see a game. 

“For a 22-year-old, I think he’s got a great maturity,” said [book club member Kathy] Rackley as she watched Mitchell speak to third-graders about the importance of reading.

“He’s got a great depth,” added another book club member, Danna Whaley.

Kathy met Mitchell at Barnes and Noble. They bonded over their love of books. 

Mitchell says everybody in the club is not only older than him but older than his mother: 

“My mom is going to hate me for saying this, but she’s 42. And everyone in the book club is older than my mom. Everyone. Some of them are older than my grandmother. And I’ve been adopted into their family.”

Reading is incredibly important to Mitchell. He even recommends books on his Twitter account. 

Mitchell has even written his own book. It’s a children’s book called “The Magician’s Hat.” He wrote it in partnership with a non-profit foundation he founded, Books for Keeps. 

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