Trump strands evangelicals: Let’s thank him

Sen. Ted Cruz’s pastor father scrapped a scheduled guest sermon in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Sunday.  His son has pulled out of the Presidential nomination carnival, so he had nothing to say.

Pastor Gary Fuller at Gentle Shepherd Baptist Church, had plenty to say, though, saying “we feel abandoned by our party.  There’s nobody left.”

The extremist right wing of the GOP say they find themselves “dismayed and adrift” now that flamboyant billionaire Donald Trump is the last man standing for the Republican right to face Hillary Clinton in the November general election.

A coalition of nearly 60 Christian leaders published an open letter last week decrying Trump’s “vulgar racial and religious demagoguery.”  They say Trump’s candidacy is a “moral threat” to the nation.

“Certain kinds of political appeals and certain kinds of political developments are fundamentally antithetical to the Christian faith and must be named as such,” Mercer University ethics professor David Gushee, who signed the letter, told The Washington Post.

Trump, religious conservatives note, is thrice married and openly brags about his sexual exploits in and out of marriage.  He has supported, then opposed, then supported again, abortion.  He flip flops on gay marriage and promotes a lifestyle that evangelicals claim is “sinful” and “threatening to the American way of life.”

Which raises a key question:  What, exactly, is the “American way of life?”

In recent years, evangelicals and other hard-core religious zealots have effectively steered the Republican Party towards extreme positions that are not reflected in polls and other measuring tools of American sentiments,

They decry abortion, although it is the law of the land and is supported by a majority of Americans.  They call gay lifestyles “sin” and adamantly resist gay marriage, even though it is also the law of the land and supported by most Americans.

They claim promiscuity is a sin, even though most Americans admit they had sex before marriage, often engage in adultery, and many live together with others outside of any any actual marital status.

They argue that such lifestyles violate the “laws of God.”

The laws of who?

America was designed as a nation where God and state should not co-exist.  There is a defined “separation of church state.”

Religious zealots work long and hard to get around that legally-defined separation.  They seek to force all Americans to adhere to religious law that does not exist and ignore the fact that all residents of this nation are supposed to be free to worship — or not worship — any religion or god they want.

Religion is a belief.  It is a philosophy that some follow and others do not.  No “law of God” exists in our government…or at least it should not.

Many reasons exist on why Donald Trump is a bad choice to be President.  He is a vapid, shallow man with no actual knowledge or experience on issues that this country faces.  He is a cartoon character who rose to fame on reality TV and massive casino failures.

Yet, if he is responsible for driving evangelicals and other religious extremists from the Republican party, then perhaps we should at least congratulate him for accomplishing that one overdue act.

It’s not a reason to vote for him but it is — at least — one thing he has done to make the nation a little bit better than it was.


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