Summer Travel Secrets: How To Get The Best Airfare & Other Bargains


Looking for a place to escape to this summer? George Hobica of has some tips for getting the most out of your money. He recommends doing the following:

1) Look out for deals out of Los Angeles to Dublin, Tokyo and Sydney.

2) Check out less popular airports in Europe, and take a train to your desired destination. Want to go to Amsterdam or Paris but the flight is too expensive? Check out Frankfurt or Cophenhagen.

3) Fly out on one airline and come back on another. You may get a better deal by skipping the round trip flight.

4) Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday and consider alternate airports.


5) Cruises can be very inexpensive in the summer, including Carnival and other lines.

6) Find places to travel locally and drive there.

7) Look for bargains on websites such as Living Social, Groupon and Tingo, which automatically refunds your credit card if it finds your hotel at a better rate.

See the tips in the video below:

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