‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: Answered Questions From ‘Oathbreaker’

Game of Thrones

“I did what I thought was right and I got murdered for it.”

These words come from Jon Snow, soon after his resurrection. But it might as well have been said by Ned Stark, Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark, and probably dozens of other Stark’s throughout history. But it also marks the beginning of the end of that line of thinking for Starks. Jon surely will never follow his father’s lessons anymore. Nor will Bran or Sansa or Arya or the newly discovered Rickon Stark.

It’s exciting because it seems like the Starks are finally about to do the smart things for once, instead of living their lives honor bound to the “right” things. What will Game of Thrones be like when the Starks start to make smart decisions? That’s one of the most alluring questions the show has had in a long time.

Here are the essential questions answered by “Oathbreaker:”

How Will Jon React to Being Alive Again?

After a quick post-death panic attack, Jon Snow is immediately back to his old self. He’s brooding and moody, like always. He tells Davos and Melisandre that there was nothing in the afterlife. But that doesn’t stop Melisandre from making Jon her new Stannis. She’s already decided that he’s the new “prince who was promised.” Hopefully she doesn’t require he kill one of his close family members as a “necessary” sacrifice too (RIP Shireen.)

Most of the wildlings and Night’s Watchmen believe that Jon is some sort of God now that he’s formerly dead. But his close friends are just glad they don’t have to live in a world without Jon Snow. However, after killing all of the traitors that stabbed him Caesar-style, Jon quits. After all, he promised to be at the wall until his death. Now his watch has ended.

What Other Flashbacks Will Bran See?

This time, Ned Stark is a little older. The Rebellion is over, the Targaryen Mad King is dead by Jamie’s hand, and Ned is in search of his kidnapped sister, Lyanna. It’s the battle of Ned vs. Morningstar over saving Lyanna from her Targaryen kidnapper, which Bran heard about all the time as a kid. But things don’t go exactly like the story Bran was told as a child. After a lot of throat stabbing, both Ned and Morningstar’s men all die, leaving the two of them to fight. Bran believes he knows how things are going to go, that Ned will be triumphant and honorable. However, it’s a stab in the back, from one of Ned’s allies, that hits the final blow. It’s foreshadowing that Bran’s about to realize that Ned lied a lot more than he ever imagined.

Bran also needs to be careful of staying in the flashbacks too long. He seems to have made contact with his father’s younger self by yelling for him. Could it be possible that he can affect the past in some way?

Will Dany be Forced to be with the Khal Widows?

Even though Daenerys was marched all the way to the temple filled with Khal’s widows, it seems like they don’t really want her to stay. Just because she’s been out in the world, they don’t want her anymore. This storyline better lead somewhere because the further away from the main storyline she gets, the more pointless this once important character feels. Hopefully, Jorah gets there sooner rather than later.

Will Tommen Ever Stand Up to the High Sparrow?

It seems like poor little Tommen is finally ready to stand up to the High Sparrow and use his capital as the King. He tells him that he doesn’t want his mother to stand trial. Even though she seems like she’d be in good hands with Ser Gregor on her side, ready to fight for her life, Tommen believes she shouldn’t have to stand trial at all. Nor should Margery. But with a couple of pretty words, Tommen is putty in the High Sparrow’s hand. It’s only a matter of time before the kid’s young mind is molded by this religious zealot.

What Happened to Rickon Stark?

It’s been 4 seasons since Rickon Stark was last seen. Some even Game of Thrones theorists believed that Rickon would be the one to end up either ruling Winterfell or sitting on the Iron Throne. That theory seems less likely than ever now that he’s been handed over to Ramsey Bolton. It was only just last episode Ramsey killed his father, stepmother, and newborn brother just to become Warden of the North. Now that Rickon, the only presumed alive male Stark left, is back, he’s a threat to Ramsey’s power. But he could also be used as a bargaining tool. Whatever ends up happening, it’s another bad day for the Starks.

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