‘Southern Charm’ Paternity Scandal: Shep Rose Questions Kathryn Dennis’ Son

Southern Charm

Shep Rose is a man known for his opinions, as he spoke out about his Southern Charm co-star, Craig Conover, who had a hard time sticking with his law career. Shep wanted to be a good friend, but he may have pushed too far. While Rose and Craig have worked out their issues, it sounds like Shep is ready to take on another person on Southern Charm. And this time, he is digging keep in a scandalous rumor. According to a new report, Shep Rose is now revealing that many people are questioning Kathryn Dennis’ story about Thomas Ravenel being the father of her son.

“I didn’t believe it. Nobody did. I heard it was a rumor,” Shep Rose told PEOPLE magazine when asked about Thomas being the father of St. Julien Rembert Ravenel.

Kathryn had told everyone that she had slept with Thomas one time and they had gotten pregnant. They weren’t together at the time and they didn’t get back together after sleeping together.

“Honestly it was probably not the best idea, but what do I know? Her life as a young lady, [the time] you might want to have fun, is over,” Rose says. “So I empathize with that, but it totally takes two to tango.”

On the show, Kathryn has yet to give birth but when she does, paternity questions will start to surface. This may be featured on Southern Charm, but Shep Rose admits that he did question Kathryn’s story when she gave birth.

“I don’t know what either of them were thinking but my first thought was: Is it his baby? That was all of our thoughts because they weren’t dating at the time. And she was dating other people,” Shep reveals, sharing that he didn’t sleep with Dennis, adding, “It certainly wasn’t mine. I slept with her first season, but statute of limitations tells you it can’t be mine.”

What do you think of Shep Rose questioning Kathryn Dennis’ story about Thomas being the father?

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