Kim Zolciak Reveals What Her Children Did On Mother’s Day

Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak may look forward to Mother’s Day because she has six children who love and adore her. Zolciak is currently filming Don’t Be Tardy and it is very possible that Mother’s Day will be featured on the show, but in case it doesn’t get filmed, Kim revealed that she had an awesome day. As it turns out, her children got up early to give her mother a special treatment. According to a new tweet, Kim Zolciak is now revealing that her oldest son, KJ, made her an Eggo waffle for breakfast.

“Ill never forget 2day, KJ made me an Eggo waffle 4 breakfast, my girls wrote me the best cards EVER w/ chocolate flowers, my hubby cooked,” Kim Zolciak revealed on Twitter, sharing that she clearly had an awesome Mother’s Day celebration.

And it is awesome to see that everyone is working together to give Kim a special day. Plus, Kim may have something to celebrate as she doesn’t talk to her own mother anymore. On Kim’s wedding day, Zolciak’s mother decided to break Kim and Kroy’s rules about using the bathrooms in their home. In addition to that, Zolciak’s mother continued to go to the press with stories about Kim and Zolciak was furious. Kim and Kroy even broke off contact with Kroy’s family, as they weren’t big fans of Kim.

It is clear that Kim enjoys her family now that she doesn’t actually talk to her own parents. Her parents have tried to stay in contact, but Kim was furious that her parents would go to press with stories that her teenage daughters would then read. She was clearly more protective of her children than understanding with her parents. Either way, Kim had an awesome Mother’s Day celebration with her children.

What do you think of Kim Zolciak’s children? Do you think she got spoiled on Mother’s Day?

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