David Beckham Getting Flirtatious With ‘Mystery’ Woman In His Spin Class?

 David Beckham

Rumors that David Beckham were “caught flirting” with a “pretty brunette” in his SoulCycle class in L.A. is “completely untrue.”

Gossip Cop corrects a report published by RadarOnline, which stated that Beckham was getting a bit coquettish with a mystery woman in his spin class.

A questionable “source” told Radar: “David and this woman would work out next to each other and flirt before, during and after class.”

The insider said the woman David Beckham was allegedly flirting with is “skinny” and “in her 30’s.”

The source added that the soccer star and model “was completely charming her” during one of their “interactions.

“He asked her silly questions about working out and what she was doing after class,” Radar’s insider revealed.

The report also claimed that Beckham’s wife, Victoria, arrived at his fitness class one day and “gave the girl the evil eye … It was like she knew that David had been talking to her when she wasn’t around!”

GP reports that the whole thing is inaccurate and baseless. The surveillance site reached out to a source close to the situation, who said the report that David Beckham was “flirting” with an attractive young woman is “completely untrue.”



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