AP Interview: Michael Brown’s mom’s book recalls death, life

The mother of Michael Brown says she’ll never forget the day a police officer killed her son in Ferguson.

Lezley McSpadden says she was taking a cigarette break from her grocery store job in Clayton, another St. Louis suburb, when a friend called to say someone had been shot near Canfield Green Apartments.

Within minutes, her cellphone rang again. It was a family member declaring the victim was McSpadden’s 18-year-old son. The shooter was a police officer.

The next moments grew more and more intense as McSpadden’s co-worker drove her to the scene where she quickly spotted clothing that matched her son’s.

McSpadden recounts what happened that day in August 2014 in her autobiography, “Tell the Truth Shame the Devil,” set for release Tuesday and co-written by Lyah Beth LeFlore.

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