‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Thomas Makes An Extreme Move

The Bold and the Beautiful

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for this week leak that Thomas will take Douglas from Ridge and Caroline. While the previews unfold heart-stopping scenes in a 30-second sneak peek, it’s apparent that Thomas will go to extremes after learning that he’s Douglas’ father.

Ridge doesn’t want Thomas interfering even though he knows the truth about Douglas’ paternity. He expects Thomas to carry on as though nothing has changed. Good luck with that, Ridge!

According to “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers video, Caroline is frantic when she doesn’t know where Douglas is. As she’s freaking out, scenes of Douglas in a car seat and Thomas speeding off in his vehicle are flashed across the screen. He says in the footage that “He’s my son, not yours,” referring to Ridge.

Where is Thomas going with him and does he intend on taking him away from Ridge and Caroline now that he knows the truth? Chances are this is way over-dramatized and taken a little out of context. Thomas will probably return with Douglas, but he’s been lied to ever since Caroline was pregnant. No doubt he’s fired up with anger and is about to pay Ridge back for keeping this secret from him.

In other “BB” spoilers, the love triangle between Steffy, Wyatt, and Liam continues playing out. Liam isn’t giving up Steffy without a fight. It’s clear he’s not going to respect the marriage she has with Wyatt.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” has a lot of shockers in store for this week. It’ll be interesting to see what transpires in the Thomas/Douglas storyline.

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