Photo Of Exhausted Firefighters Resting After Battling Canadian Wildfires Goes Viral


A photograph showing seven exhausted Canadian firefighters collapsed on a lawn has gone viral. The men have been fighting off wildfires in Alberta.

The Strathcona County fire department posted the image on Twitter last week with the caption, “Our crew taking their first rest since leaving #shpk yesterday evening.

“I think that was about 30 hours after leaving here … kind of the first chance they had to catch a break since they got out there,” Devin Capcara, deputy chief of operations with Strathcona County Emergency Services, told CBC.

The fire started on May 1 and nearly 90,000 people have evacuated from Fort McMurray. Over 1,600 homes have been destroyed.

The wildfires cover an area twice the size of New York City.

Bloomberg reports that the wildfires around Fort McMurray “may become the costliest catastrophe in the country’s history with insurance losses potentially reaching $7.3 billion if all homes in the city are lost.”

Cooler temperatures and light rain are aiding the firefighters in their battle.


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