Bulls’ Derrick Rose Wants Rape Accuser’s Name To Be Publicly Released

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose wants the name of the woman who is accusing him and his friends of gang raping her to be public. 

The woman has been referred to as Jane Doe throughout the lawsuit. However, Rose wants that to change. He’s demanding the woman reveal her name or he’ll ask the judge to have the lawsuit thrown out. Rose says he can’t build his case based on “baseless allegations.” 

The woman fires back, saying that if she’s forced to give her name, it will prevent other women from coming forward and reporting sexual assault. She also expresses she believes Rose and his legal team will slut-shame her in the media. 

She has a point. Rose is already using her Instagram against her. 

Bossip reports: 

[Rose] points out that the woman is publicly portraying herself as sexual and even her Instagram posts include photos that are sexual in nature. Further, she is dressed in provocative attire and poses in sexually suggestive poses … and even had photos indicating she engages in sexually-charged encounters with more than one man at a time.

The alleged victim claims Rose and two of his friends drugged her in 2013. She says later that night, they broke into her apartment and raped her. She’s suing for more than $20 million. Rose claims that he and his friends all had the consent of the woman to engage in group sex. 

In April, Rose and his legal team asked for the woman to provide “any and all condoms that you retained as evidence from after the alleged rape.” She has agreed to give up the condoms she kept. 

Rose already knows the woman’s name. He and his accuser dated from 2011 to 2013. He claims the case is a money grab. He also says she’s upset with him for not paying for the sex toys they used together. 

Rose wants to depose the woman’s parents in his case against her. That’s one of the reasons he says he needs to name to be used. 

He states, “This is not a rape case. It’s pure and simple extortion by a plaintiff who does not want to be deposed on her own exculpatory texts because every lay witness in the case will shred Plaintiff’s story.”

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