Dada 5000 Implies His Water Was Poisoned By Kimbo Slice Before Fight

Dada 5000

MMA fighter Dada 5000 believes that his water was tampered with before his fight with Kimbo Slice back in February at Bellator 149  

He says he felt fine in the locker room until he started drinking the water provided to him. Dada says he suffered kidneys failure and had two heart attacks during the fight.

“I died inside that ring” Dada reveals. “They brought me back, and then my heart stopped. or like five minutes, they brought me back, and then my heart stopped again for like eight minutes.”

Dada claims the water is responsible, “I can say that the water is not clean.”

MMA Fighting’s Marc Raimondi asked Dada if he thought Kimbo Slice’s team was involved. 

“If it is, we’re going to find out,” said Dada 5000. “But the truth of the matter is that I felt horrible after I started drinking that water. This is bigger than me. There is a lot of money on the line; millions and millions of dollars were on the betting line. I don’t know who it could have been, but I know it was not natural…”

Dada 5000 spent two weeks in the hospital after the fight. He was released during the first week of March. Both he and Kimbo Slice were criticized for being out of shape before the fight. The fight itself was ugly. Both men looked exhausted and too out of shape to compete. Dada says denies his fitness had anything to do with what happened. 

“I was in shape. A lot of people may think I was not in shape” Dada says, “But no, being in shape had nothing to do with it. This sh*t was bigger than being in or out of shape. These guys were looking to take me out at all costs.”

Slice tested positive for steroids three weeks after the event. 

Billy Corben, the director of the Dawg Fight documentary which focuses on Dada says that it’s more likely that the fighter’s body shut down due to nutrition and dietary issues.

The fight marked Dada’s first professional loss in MMA.

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