Report: Half A Dozen Assistants Witnessed Jerry Sandusky Sexually Abuse Boys

Jerry Sandusky

As many as six assistant coaches on the Penn State football team staff witnessed “inappropriate behavior” between Jerry Sandusky and male minors. 

Sources tell NBC News that one former assistant saw an incident in the late 1970s. Three others witnessed sexual abuse in the 1990s. An additional two coaches noticed Sandusky behaving inappropriately.  

The Penn State sexual abuse scandal was uncovered in 2011. It’s unknown if any of the men reported the incidents to officials at the school before then. However, there is no evidence to support the allegations making their way to higher-ups. 

“There is no evidence that reports of these incidents ever went further up the chain of command at PSU,” Judge Gary Glazer wrote

“You won’t believe what I just saw,” one coach blurted out after entering a room filled with football staff. It is believed by sources that the coach witnessed Sandusky’s molesting his adopted son Matt in the locker room. 

These coaches reportedly still work in football. One works for the NFL and two others for Division I colleges. 

Sandusky recently petitioned for a new trial. He’s currently serving 30 to 60 years in prison after being convicted of molesting 10 boys. 

Sandusky was a longtime employee of Penn State and a member of Joe Paterno’s football program at the school for three decades. Paterno was fired in 2012 because he did not disclose that a boy came forth and told him he had been molested by Sandusky in the 1970s. 

Scott Paterno, Joe’s son, denies his father knew that Sandusky molested children. He responded to the claims on Twitter, saying: ‘The reporting on this new allegation has been a new low in irresponsibly. It’s literally just an ‘allegation.”

He followed that with; ‘This is about an uncorroborated allegation made months after Joe died about a phone call 40 years ago. It’s bunk.’  

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