‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Vivienne Learns The Truth About Sasha


“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Thursday’s episode reveal that Vivienne is finally told the truth about Sasha.

She’s been in the dark as much as Nicole and Maya about Julius’ infidelity and secret daughter, but that comes to an end in the next episode.

As a spoilers preview shows, Vivienne is told that her own husband is the father of Sasha. In the video, she tells Sasha that she could have told her, but Nicole explains that she was too afraid to say anything. Julius made it clear that she was to keep the fact he was her father between them and never say anything. Sasha took his stern warnings to heart and dared not utter a word until now.

In another clip, Julius begs Vivienne to stay with him despite lying about being the parent of a child they practically raised as their own.

Will Vivienne leave Julius or stay?

In other “BB” spoilers, Thomas talks to someone about being “distracted.” He was discussing this trait with Caroline earlier today when he was talking about the same characteristics he shares with his baby brother, Douglas. Only Douglas isn’t his brother. He’s his son. When will the truth be exposed? Going by drama brewing behind-the-scenes with Ridge and Katie, it’s a matter of time. An investigation into Dr. Wolin’s death is underway and Katie is questioning Ridge so he’ll know what he’ll say when detectives come knocking on his door. He finally admitted to her that he’s not Douglas’ father.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs Monday through Friday every week on CBS.

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