Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski Doesn’t Like Beer And Rarely Drinks

Rob Gronkowski

During a sit down with Katie Nolan, Rob Gronkowski revealed that he doesn’t like the taste of beer. The Patriots tight end followed it up with another huge bombshell. Gronk told Katie: “I don’t even drink.”


And, why no beer? Aside from the fact he “doesn’t drink,” he says “It tastes weird.” His drink of choice is vodka water, which is just water and vodka. It also tastes pretty weird. 

Does Gronk got jokes? Well, he did say he was a virgin during the Truth or Dare segment for DraftKings as well. It’s pretty safe to say that’s also a lie. 

After Katie applied some pressure and coughed up some evidence, Gronk clarifies that he doesn’t drink that often. And, only when the mood is right. 

“Not that often. Maybe once or twice a week. Depending. During the season, barely ever. Offseason, you get your workouts in, you do what you gotta do, and then you can go have some drinks.”

“Sometimes, depending on the mood. Like, [if] you brought me out tonight, you put LMFAO on, you threw a keg stand there, you never know.”

But still, is Gronk speaking nonsense? Maybe. He obviously works extremely hard and football trumps all other interests and hobbies. But, a source told Terez Owens that it’s good business to make Gronk look like a single party boy. It’s essential to his brand. 


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