L.A. Rams Rookie Arrested For Allegedly Yelling White Power At Man During Bar Fight

Tyler Higbee

The Los Angeles Rams draft pick pled not guilty to assault on Thursday. 

Tyler Higbee was arrested on April 10 in Kentucky for allegedly beating up a man and yelling racial slurs at him, including “white power” and f*** ISIS.” The man, Nawaf Alsaleh, is of Middle Eastern descent. 

Cops say that Higbee fled the scene, which led to a minor police chase. They found Higbee hiding behind a tree next to a church. Police say he was drunk. The tight end was then arrested. His lawyer says that he immediately responded to an officer’s request to stop and cooperated with them. A little different than the police story. 

“The characterization of the events that occurred as being racially motivated are very disturbing and completely false,” Higbee’s lawyer Brian Lowder said in a statement.

Lowder says that Higbee was acting in self-defense and that he used the appropriate force. 

“This was a situation which involved justifiable use of force to protect himself and his girlfriend from the physical force and imminent use of physical force by the other party involved” said Lowder. “Mr. Alsaleh started a confrontation by his actions toward Mr. Higbee’s girlfriend while the two were waiting in line to purchase food. Mr. Alsaleh escalated the confrontation when he engaged Mr. Higbee by making physical contact with him and began shouting Arabic in what Mr. Higbee perceived to be in a threatening manner. Mr. Alsaleh then shoved Mr. Higbee’s girlfriend.” 

Alsaleh was badly beaten. He suffered a concussion and a brain hemorrhage. The 24-year-old was not responsive at the scene. He “was lying unconscious in the parking lot of Tidballs with blood running from his mouth,” the report says.

Higbee is charged with second-degree assault, along with several more minor charges. He doesn’t have a criminal record. 

So…great start, LA. 


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