Empire Recap: Eat The Cake, Lucious Lyon


I’m pretty safe in assuming Lucious won’t be running out to buy his mama the biggest gift basket this Sunday. Unless it’s filled with the missing bullets she forgot to load her gun with all those years ago. Leah Walker is certainly the wolf Lucious Lyon has every reason to be afraid of. She isn’t the only one masquerading as a sheep to get on a Lyon’s vulnerable side. There are several major threats hiding in plain sight in this episode. All leading up to the much-hyped “a Lyon will fall” promo heading into the season two finale. But first, let’s break down “The Lyon Who Cried Wolf” most game-changing moments.

Introducing…Leah “Monster Mother from Hell” Walker

Andre bonds with his Nana in a game of bingo before making her grand debut to the Lyon clan. Other than Leah being a really sore loser (now we know where Lucious gets it from) she seems like a sweet old lady. Not according to Lucious, who was nearly quaking in his designer duds when Andre ushered her into club Leviticus to meet the family and reveal Lucious had her hidden away in a home for 21 years. Tasking Vernon (RIP) and now Thirsty to drop off monthly payments.

Lucious explains to an unruffled Cookie his mother did try to kill him. After Leah nearly took her life (there were no bullets in her gun) she was whisked away to a mental hospital. In his mind getting treatment for bipolar disorder automatically makes you dead to him, just so you know. Lucious has no problem with Thirsty escorting her back to whence she came, until Andre steps in to take care of her. But Leah wants to make up for lost time with Lucious. He brings her back to his estate and assigns a nurse to watch Leah’s every move, which seems like the world’s most yawn-worthy gig unless you count being Trump’s speech writer.

GIPHYAll seems well when mom and son bond through a piano laced duet that inspires Lucious to come up with a winning score for the Lyon family anthem to be performed at the ASAs. Until it’s not. She wakes Lucious up at 3am so he can feast on the five or six assorted cakes she has sprawled out like some mad baker trying to achieve CakeBoss-worthy dessert standards. Leah forces Lucious to eat the cake (the butcher knife may have had some influence) and listen to her piling all the blame on him for his dad getting murdered, putting her in a mental hospital and not making it as a singer, and blah, blah, blah.

Where is that helpful nurse? Oh, yeah Leah gave her the boot so she could go back to torturing her son like old times. She even regrets not drowning Lucious when he was a kid.

Harper Scott Gets Scooped…Away

There are seven people that know Leah is still alive. One has the ability to expose Lucious for the lying fraud he is and ruin his chance to win an ASA, enter Harper Scott. Thirsty takes her to a dark alley to convince her not to publish the story. She refuses and gets whisked away by some hooded men in a van. The only lasting remnant of her existence is not a pen, but a black shoe. Will anyone miss Harper? Eh… me neither.

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