Warriors Basketball Player Uses Horse Medicine To Stay Young

Leandro Barbosa

Leandro Barbosa of the Golden State Warriors drinks a special horse medicine to stay young. Although not intended for human consumption, Barbosa drinks it twice a day.  

The guard recovered from a knee injury in 2013. The injury required surgery and was career threatening. But instead of retiring, the 33-year-old Barbosa came back an improved player. He comes off the bench for the Warriors and averages 6.4 points in 15.9 minutes of play during the regular season. 

“It’s a medicine you give horses,” the Brazilian-born Barbosa said. “Whenever they get hurt, it helps them recover very quickly. Because they have to run.”

Teammate Festus Ezeli tried the substance. He wasn’t a fan. He thought it was disgusting: “I almost threw up,” Ezeli said. “That’s one of those things where I need to know scientifically that it really works for me to keep doing it. Because it’s disgusting.”

“Tastes like acid,” Harrison Barnes added. 

The green liquid extract is made from the leaves of a South American shrub called arnica do mato according to the NY Times

Barbosa has not had a serious injury since he started taking the medicine. He loves it so much, he not only drinks the stuff, he bathes in it. 

The Warriors organization has approved the drink. 

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