Kim Mathers’ Attempted Suicide Attempt Prompts Unsealing Of Court Documents

kim mathers

Kim Mathers, Eminem’s ex-wife, called into the Detroit radio show, “Mojo in the Morning” on channel 95.5 to set the record straight on her car accident last October.

TMZ reports that since the accident, Mathers’ case has been sealed. This led people to assume she received preferential treatment from police, but she claims they were sealed off because there was medical information related to her suicide attempt. 

Kim said she was on a road where no one was likely to get hurt. After ingesting pills and drinking alcohol, Mathers “hit the gas and aimed for a pole.” Her Cadillac Escalade flipped over, but she survived the wreck with minor injuries.

Kim shares that she’s in the process of getting help for her depression.

Detroit News reports that Eminem has been a big help to Kim through her depression issues.

“He’s been real supportive,” she said. “We’re really close friends. We’re just trying to raise our kids together and make it as normal for them as possible.”

Kim Mathers says people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover — referring to how appearances can be deceiving when it comes to people and their problems.

“Unless you really know somebody, and what’s going on on the inside … don’t judge anybody,” she said. “Like, you have no idea what happens in my life, in my private life, and no one ever will. They just see what’s out there and judge, and it’s not right.”

Michael Smith, Kim Mathers’ attorney, has filed motions to toss evidence and dismiss the case. He argues that Mathers wasn’t in the right state of mind when she consented to blood tests. The prosecution says Mathers was “not incapacitated and consent was freely given.”

Mathers will appear in court on May 26.


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