While Lamar Odom Was In The Hospital, Khloe Had His Father Evicted

Khloe and Lamar

Khloe Kardashian cut Lamar Odom’s dad off while the former basketball player was hospitalized. Khloe didn’t inform Joe Odom that he wasn’t going to receive rent money anymore when she started handling Odom’s money in October.  

“Khloé didn’t even have the guts to tell me herself that my rent wasn’t going to be paid anymore,” said Joe Odom, 62. “She got the guys who handle Lamar’s money to call me and they said the rent wouldn’t be paid, I gotta move and my phone was going to get cut off.”

Odom’s father is disabled so he had been paying his $4,000 monthly rent for the last 10 years. 

Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel in October after a drug and sex binge. By November, Kardashian had the Army vet and his wife, Cecelia, 59, evicted. 

Joe suffers from PTSD and pneumonia. 

“She disrespected me. She decided to kick me out of my home when Lamar was in hospital in Nevada,” he said.

Joe had to move back to Brooklyn where he can no longer see his son. 

“I just wish I could be at his side in LA to support him, but Khloé doesn’t want me there,” an upset Joe said. 

Joe also shares that Khloe is attempting to cut off his communication with his son. 

“Whenever I call him, she answers. She must be checking his texts, too. I can’t always get through to him anymore,” he said.

“She may be Lamar’s wife, but I’m his father. She shouldn’t have cut me out of his life like she has.”

Joe says Lamar has vowed to sort things out but this hasn’t happened yet. 

Lamar and Joe have had a troubled relationship. However, Joe complained to several media outlets that Khloe refuses to allow him to see his son since the accident

“I’m mad because this is the second time I came to see my son and they won’t let me see my son,” he told TMZ in October outside the hospital. “Like I’m a villain or something… that’s my son.”

Sources say that Khloe called off the divorce so she could be Lamar’s power of attorney. In doing so, she is legally able to make these decisions. 

“Khloe stopped the divorce from being finalized just so she can have power of attorney and make the medical decisions for him,” a source close to Khloe tells ET. 

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