Prince’s Siblings Meet In Court Over Singer’s Multi-Million Dollar Estate


Prince‘s sister Tyka Nelson and several of the singer’s half-siblings met in court on Monday for a hearing about the late superstar’s estate.

People reports that the legendary musician was worth $250 million when he died on April 21. The purpose of the hearing in Chaska, Minnesota was to formally appoint a “special administrator” who will handle the estate. 

People reports that authorities have not found a will or final testament for the late singer. The institution appointed to the estate, Bremer Bank and Trust, is continuing its search for a will.

“We are not finding that there’s no will, but that no will has yet been found,” Judge Kevin W. Eide said.

Tyka Nelson is Prince’s only full sibling. His half-siblings include Norrine Nelson, Sharon Nelson, John Nelson, Omarr Baker and Alfred Jackson. Tyka initially filed an emergency petition for herself and the five half-siblings on April 26, naming all six as potential heirs to the estate.

People reports that Tyka had no interaction with the other siblings before or during the hearing and that most of the siblings kept to themselves.

That said, the judge did report that all parties involved have “agreed to openly communicate with each other and to have regular communication.”

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