‘Life Or Debt’ Sneak Peek: What’s That Loan You’re Hiding?

Life Or Debt

This week’s episode of Life or Debt is a whopper. Firstly, it brings financial expert Victor Antonio around to his own backyard – the Chicago native is dropping into the suburb of Richton Park. But this homecoming isn’t about catching up with the neighborhood.

Victor has been called in to help Julian and Erika sort out their books – and the behaviors that have gotten them and their two young children in a financial hole. Watch the below teaser to find out more about the couple, the family and some of the factors that have led them down the road to an unsteady future:

But here’s the other thing that makes tonight’s episode a can’t miss installment: Victor brings in the biggest artillery yet. When he suspects Erika isn’t being up front about her personal finances, he makes a phone call to a forensic accountant!

And the accountant can easily figure out where Erika’s money is really coming from: there’s a sizeable loan that Erika didn’t tell her husband about. And it’s not going toward anything crucial – it’s paying for all those shoes in the living room. Watch the below clip to see the startling reveal and Julian’s reaction:

Life or Debt airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Spike.


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