Chris Evans’ ‘Top Gear’ Gets Second Trailer, New After-Show

Matt LeBlanc

BBC America is continuing to throw its weight behind Chris Evans’ new Top Gear. This week the network released its second teaser from the revamped show, featuring co-host Matt LeBlanc behind the wheel of an Ariel Nomad. By the end of the dusty shoot, LeBlanc (pictured above) is near unrecognizable!

Here’s the video of him tearing through the desert, complete with the usual thundering rock music and a cameo appearance from a biker:

LeBlanc was also featured in the first Top Gear relaunch trailer that came out at the end of March.

To further promote the series BBCA is giving Evans Gear something that Jeremy Clarkson and Co. never had on the channel – an after-show. The network also revealed that Extra Gear, hosted by new TG contributor Rory Reid, will air after each episode with “new footage, interviews, specially recorded films and behind-the-scenes access.”

That’s not something that was ever on offer for the Clarkson, Hammond and May version, though BBCA did make available via YouTube last year’s “An Evening with Top Gear” event that preceded their 22nd and final series. In case you missed that, here it is in full:

It’s not clear if Extra Gear is solely another way to try and win over viewers for the new Top Gear, or if it just happens to align with the network’s current strategy. BBCA also is starting an after-show for Orphan Black this season, and is owned by AMC Networks, which already does after-shows for The Walking Dead and its spin-off Fear the Walking Dead.

Either way, adding an after-show probably won’t do much except help pad out BBCA’s Top Gear block to an even two hours on Mondays. As the clip above demonstrates, the prior trio of Clarkson, Hammond and May were perfect fodder for behind the scenes material because they were funny all of the time. Even their most mundane of interactions was something that people wanted to watch.

Extra Gear might be giving viewers more content, but we don’t even know yet if we want to see how Evans Gear is made or extra interviews with whoever the show books. It’s a bit like adding a second course before you’ve even served the first.

But BBCA is clearly banking on Top Gear continuing to be a huge part of its network brand with things like this additional spin-off and its heavy rotation of promotional ads, often during reruns of the previous Top Gear.

The one thing new Top Gear still doesn’t have is a release date: all BBC America continues to say is it’ll be sometime this month.

Does this latest batch of information change your opinion on watching? Let us know in the comments.

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