Brazilian Government Takes Neymar’s Yacht, Plane & Helicopter Because He Didn’t Pay Taxes


Barcelona superstar Neymar recently bought an $9.1 million plane, but he can’t use it. The Brazilian government took the luxurious treat along with other expensive items. 

Neymar Sport and Marketing signed the deal to purchase the 12 person plane even though the treasury has taken legal action against the player for $16 million for tax evasion. 

Marca reports that Neymar has a helicopter, a yacht, and another plane. These are amongst the possessions being held to ensure that the international football player pays the taxes and fines he allegedly owes. The courts say Neymar used three companies to conceal £11 million in taxes. 

Neymar allegedly didn’t declare income between the 2011 and 2013 fiscal years. During that time, He signed a $119 million contract with Barcelona in 2013.

Although Neymar has been found guilty, he can appeal the decision in higher court.  

The judge has added another £25 million in interest and fines to the taxes the player must pay. 

The details around the situation are sketchy. 

The Telegraph reports:

Judge José de la Mata is reportedly pursuing a theory that the Barcelona executives and the Neymars put together a secret deal to buy the player in 2011, with Mr Rosell and Mr Bartomeu allegedly agreeing to pay €40 million to NN in order to claim the right to sign Neymar when his contract ended with Santos.  

Neymar, his father, and the president of FC Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu were all called to Spanish high court judge to give testimony. 

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