Photo Of Firefighters Rescuing Policemen Stuck In An Elevator Goes Viral

Firefighters save police

The fire department in Kansas City, Missouri, was called to the police academy earlier this week to rescue 12 officers who were trapped in an elevator.

Tony Pisciotta of the KCMO Fire Department commented, “They were laughing and smiling. It was cool. We had fun. They were like, ‘Alright, get us out of here now.’ Police officers need heroes.”

It may not have been a remarkable story; however, Gregg Favre of the KCMO Fire Department couldn’t help but rib the officers for their predicament. 

He tweeted an image of Tony Pisciotta giving a thumbs up and grinning sarcastically at the camera as the officers smiled from the trapped elevator. The caption: “This shot of @KCMOFireDept #Firefighters rescuing @KCPolice from a stalled elevator wins the internet for today.”

The police department’s response? “Well, that was embarrassing,” they captioned the image, which they shared on Facebook.

Firefighters: 1. Police: 0.

Firefighters do all sorts of cool things:


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