Kelly Ripa Pulls A Seriously Passive Aggressive Move On Live With Kelly And Michael

Posted on Fri Apr 29th, 2016 12:30pm PDT       By X17 Staff

Wow — Kelly Ripa’s claws are out.

On Friday’s episode of Live With Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa made some passive aggressive digs at her co-host Michael Strahan when she brought up his divorce on national TV. Low blow, skinny lady!

In an early segment of the show, Ripa brought up the “Bird’s Nesting” topic about divorced couples who instead of moving their kids between one parent’s house to the other, keep the kids and keep their kids in the same housewith Strahan and said, “There’s a great article in the paper and I want to get your take on it because I don’t have a take on it. But I want yours. So you’ve gotten divorced…”

Strahan, who has been divorced twice, looked stunned at the barb — giving a shocked look to the camera. We were pretty shocked to — that’s a pretty bitchy move if you ask us!

Ripa, who just celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary with husband Mark Consuelos, seemed unfazed by Strahan’s obvious irritation and just kept talking and talking. The whole thing was just uncalled for and uncomfortable.

The latest insult comes a day after a segment in which a squealing armadillo shot something into Ripa’s mouth and the petite co-host’s yelled, “I should bring him into contract negotiations!” Yiiiiikes!

Ripa should really learn to take the high road — because she’s coming off as catty and it’s doing nothing for her.

We have a feeling now Strahan’s probably pretty happy that he’s got two weeks left dealing with her. Earlier this week, ABC announced that due to recent events, the former NFL star would be leaving the show sooner than expected and that his final show would be May 13. We bet May 13 can’t come soon enough for the future full-time Good Morning America host!



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