Kailyn Lowry Struggling To Complete School Without Javi Marroquin’s Help?

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry was determined to make it work while her husband served his duty overseas. Late last year, Javi Marroquin was asked to serve in Qatar as part of his military career. He left the family behind while filming Teen Mom and Lowry has been on her own for 6 months. It sounds like he’s back home, but both of them haven’t really said anything to celebrate his return. But when Kailyn realized that she had to be alone, she was determined to take care of her two sons, go to school and go to work. 

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that it’s tough for her to get the school work done, especially during test time. This week, Lowry has two tests and she’s realizing that it’s tough to study and get ready for the test with all of the other responsibilities she has in her life. She shared her frustrations on Twitter.

“I have two tests today. Should I cry now?” Kailyn Lowry revealed on Twitter, adding later, “I need at least a 120/150 on my media law final to maintain my B.”

Of course, if Javi was home, she could hand over some of the responsibility to her husband. He hasn’t tweeted about being home with his son and step-son, but he has been tweeting about going to the movies. Both Lowry and Javi have been sharing thoughts that could hint towards marital troubles, including issues such as feelings changing, trust being lost and their marriage falling apart. Neither Kailyn nor Javi has confirmed anything, but they could open up about their struggles on the upcoming Teen Mom reunion special. Kailyn has revealed that she was a hot mess during the reunion special.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry struggling to get ready for her tests?


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