Johnny Manziel Defends Himself: ‘I’ve Been The Same Person, Doing The Same Things’

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel addressed his partying on Twitter Friday.

The former Cleveland Brown implied that nobody should still be surprised by his behavior or lifestyle. While Manziel admits to having made mistakes, he says he has never tried to conceal who he is. He noted that he’s been doing the same things since he became the most famous quarterback alive.  

Manziel is being very truthful. He doesn’t hide any of his partying or socializing. He uses the front door at Los Angeles restaurants and night clubs. He posts Snapchats about flying privately to Miami with his friends. He engages with TMZ on a nightly basis. 

There is no reason for anybody to be shocked anymore. It’s been this way since College Station. 

A lot of media outlets are calling the Manziel story a sad one and pinning him as a failure. However, the Texas AM star was competent enough to go to rehab once. He might have another run him. 


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