Donald Trump Taking Back Blistering Insults Thrown At Megyn Kelly?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly will square off again in an upcoming interview set for May 17 on Fox News.

It’s entirely possible that Trump is indirectly apologizing to Kelly for all of the blistering insults her threw her way by saying he “respects” her for reaching out to him earlier this month.

Us Weekly caught up with Trump on Tuesday while attending a Time 100 gala in NYC. According to the report, Trump is impressed with Megyn and her efforts to speak with him face-to-face.

“I just have great respect for the fact that she was able to and willing to call me and wanted to set the record straight,” Trump said. “I have great respect for that. That took a lot of courage.”

The Republican presidential front-runner even called Megyn Kelly “talented” and that she did something she doesn’t think he would’ve been able to do.

“I think it’ll be a good interview,” Trump added. “She’s very talented and I think it’ll be a very good interview — I hope. But I really respect the fact that she was able to pick up the phone to clear the air because I’m not sure that I would have done it, but that’s OK.”

Is Donald Trump taking back all those insults of saying she “bombed” as a co-moderator in the August GOP presidential debate and for calling her a “bimbo”? It certainly feels that way.

Trump isn’t one to say he’s sorry, but he might be doing it in his own way by changing his tone and approach with the popular Fox News anchor. Their feud appears to be over, but it’ll be interesting to see how long the hatchet stays buried.

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