Thomas Ravenel Denies Dating Younger Women Despite Kathryn’s Rant

Southern Charm

Thomas Ravenel is trying to move on from Kathryn Dennis these days, but Southern Charm is back on television and he has to relive the past 6 months. On the show, Thomas is being accused of hooking up with all kinds of people and he’s trying to deny cheating on Kathryn. On the show, she’s pregnant with his second child and they can’t seem to make it work for their first-born daughter, Kensington. According to a new report, Thomas Ravenel is now trying to set the record straight about his dating life.

“Currently, I’m not seeing anyone,” Thomas told a caller during Watch What Happens Live. He decided to stop by and talk to Andy Cohen and while there, he revealed that he is indeed looking for someone special. “The qualities I’m looking for, someone who is normal. Infer from that what you will. Someone who’s not volatile,” he said to Andy. “I actually have narrowed it down to hair color. Redheads need not apply.” 

While Southern Charm aired on Monday night, Kathryn Dennis decided to share her thoughts on social media. And on Twitter, Dennis revealed that she believes that Thomas is indeed dating someone new – a much younger woman.

“Thomas has a 20 year old girlfriend who didn’t graduate high school practically living with him,” Kathryn tweeted as the episode aired, adding, “She sent a video rubbing her bottom all over every single counter in Thomas Ravenel’s home [where our children’s bedrooms are right upstairs].”

When confronted with that news, Thomas denied ever dating someone who is that young. Kathryn has plenty of theories as to who Thomas has hooked up with and most of them are filming Southern Charm this season.

What do you think of Thomas Ravenel’s denial that he’s dating someone new? Do you think Dennis is telling the truth?


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